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The Folklore


The Folklore Group

The leading commerce company empowering diverse and sustainable brands in global markets

Our Company

The Folklore Group is a conglomerate of B2B, consumer, and media products that enable the global ecosystem to seamlessly discover, connect with, and shop diverse and sustainable brands in global markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology and community to connect brands, customers, and partners that value sustainability and the new vanguard of design.
Our Products

The Folklore Connect

The Folklore Connect is a wholesale platform that provides software for diverse and sustainable brands in global markets to manage and scale their wholesale business and retailers with a marketplace to discover and shop these brands. EXPLORE

Our Values

Community: Fostering relationships and engagement among individuals and corporations striving to see our community win.

Connectivity: Facilitating valuable and long-lasting connections between brands and global customers and partners.

Diversity & Inclusivity: Providing the world with opportunities to amplify diverse creativity and champion inclusivity.

Growth: Developing streamlined supply chain systems that expand entrepreneurship, jobs, manufacturing, and the overall economy in emerging markets.

Impact: Creating solutions that have a positive impact on the way brands, retailers, and consumers engage in conscious commerce.

Innovation: Celebrating and undertaking innovation as a means to develop a better and more sustainable society.