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3 Signature Pieces From African Designers to Have in Your Wardrobe


You know the feeling when you miss out on something really cool that you really wanted, and you spend so much time thinking about it? Well, we know exactly what that’s like. But we believe everyone deserves a second chance, which is why we’d like to bring your attention to the pieces on The Folklore you may have missed out on the first, second or third time because they always sell out as soon as they land on the site. These are the signature items that have become synonymous with the brand that produces them, such as the Wayfarers by Ray-Ban, or Nike Air Force 1s. These signature, must-have items are always in style and will last for years in your closet.


The Puzzle Skirt by Gozel Green

Red Puzzle Skirt by Gozel Green

Shop the Puzzle Skirt by Gozel Green here

Founded by twin sisters Sylvia and Olivia Enekwe-Okoji in 2012, Nigerian-based contemporary womenswear brand Gozel Green was established from the passion/drive to design clothing that would tell African stories in an unconventional, original and artistic way. This ethos is represented in the brand’s signature Puzzle skirt. A unique take on the classic midi-length skirt, it features a double-flap detail and cut-outs with contrast piping that form a puzzle outline on the hemline. Available in red, black and green colorways, it’s a striking design that will turn heads each time you wear it.

Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit by SELFI

Shop the Olive Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit by SELFI here

Cape Town-based womenswear brand SELFI is all about producing stylish understated clothing that is both environmentally friendly and easy to wear. The signature Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit, which the brand has produced over the years in various colors such as olive green, stone and black, perfectly represents SELFI’s comfortable-but-fashionable aesthetic. The jumpsuits are handmade in Cape Town by local artisans and are made of natural Ramie linen, allowing for the fabric to lay gently on the body while providing ample space to move and breathe.

Classic Fez Hat by Simon and Mary

There’s a reason the felt hats by South African brand Simon and Mary are always on our virtual shelf, and it’s because they are classics that don’t go out of style. Based on the traditional fez hat style worn in the Middle East and Africa during the Ottoman empire, the wool felt hats made by hand in Johannesburg. They feature a pointy top and a bowl-shaped design, and are finished with a gleaming gold Simon and Mary pin on the side. Whether you go for the Classic Fez Hat or the Military version, the chic accessory is one that you will return to over and over again for years to come.


Simon and Mary image courtesy of Amogelang States