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3 Ways To Style The Fruché Osagie Shirt Dress


It’s safe to say that we all know – and own – the classic white button-up shirt. Originally made for and worn by men, in the mid-1800s it was quickly adopted by women, too. Today, it is a reliable staple piece in any modern woman’s closet. The white button-up shirt has always been a go-to for an effortlessly chic and sophisticated outfit. However, such a traditional look is long overdue for an upgrade to something more modern, daring, and dramatic. Frank Aghuno, the self-taught Nigerian creative behind the brand Fruché, took on this inventive challenge when he designed the Osagie Shirt Dress

Since he got his start in 2014, Frank has been creating garments that spotlight the beauty of gender-fluid clothing with radical and dynamic yet refined feminine garments. His designs for Fruché take inspiration from the one-of-a-kind, artistic pieces of his Nigerian heritage, which are then integrated with modern Western wear in a way that reinvents and transcends both styles.

The Osagie Shirt Dress is a contemporary take on the classic white button-up shirt, featuring strikingly asymmetrical tailoring juxtaposed with graceful and chic feminine drapery. Fruché has reimagined the everyday essential and transformed it into an eye-catching, versatile statement piece – it will easily complement many of your favorite pieces in your closet or can even be worn on its own as a dress. Fruché’s design is for the bold adventurous woman who goes about her day confidently no matter what excursion she has planned.

For this edition of 3 Ways To Style on The Folklore, we asked stylist and content creator Kelsey Marie to show us how to wear the Osagie Shirt Dress for three different occasions.


Look 1: Avante-Garde Workwear

A clean-cut and sophisticated look is what everyone needs to energize an otherwise dull workweek. For this look, Kelsey pairs this intricately tailored shirt with dark green straight-leg pleated pants, perfectly complementing the pleated band that drapes across the front of the garment. The outfit is then pulled together with the satisfying color coordination of a pine-green Yshaia Bag by the New York accessories brand Edas. She then finishes this outfit off with a classic pair of black heeled booties, great for any workday. This look commands respect and is perfect for the bold, fashion-forward working woman, sure to keep you feeling powerful and confident throughout your busy day at the office.

Look 2: Weekend at the Museum

This look is a fun way to play with your style for a weekend of art and culture. Here, Kelsey wears the shirt dress with a simple, sleek pair of black pants but adds an extra level of playfulness with a striking pair of holographic platform Mary Jane shoes, which also provide the perfect comfort for all that walking. She accessorizes the look with the Twisted Dash Ring by Soko and a pair of timeless gold hoops. Finally, make sure to grab your black sunglasses and a classic vintage camera to take in all those amazing sites. This look will show off your adventurous side while still keeping you comfortable throughout all of your explorations.

Look 3: Saturday Brunch  

This final look is an effortless option for a chic way to go about a relaxed Saturday. With this outfit, Kelsey showcases a casual yet stylish way to dress down this shirt dress, so it fits right into your weekend brunch plans. For this elegant, all-white ensemble Kelsey wears the garment with a cute pair of ankle-length pants. She then completes the look with her best pair of white sneakers and a charming bucket bag, the perfect accessory for the woman on the go. This outfit is the ideal balance of elegance and practicality for all of your Saturday errands.

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Styling by Kelsey Marie
Words by Reann Philogene