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A Look Back at Pichulik's Classic Lookbook Images and Jewelry


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Pichulik is a self-proclaimed bold jewelry brand for brave women. The brand got its start in 2013 and has since garnered a large enough following to be featured in esteemed fashion publications such as Vogue. 

Pichulik prides itself on using sustainably sourced materials from a wide variety of cultures. In doing so, the brand believes they are tapping into universal feminine wisdom. Everything from precious stones to repurposed rope becomes imbued with African traditional artistry and feminine strength.

This month, The Folklore exclusively received a number of classic Pichulik styles, some of which date back to 2016. These classic styles are some of the most popular pieces that the brand has produced, and continues to make their rounds at art gallery openings, brunch dates, and weddings.

Receiving these classic pieces inspired us to look back at some of Pichulik's most iconic lookbooks from the past. Below is a list of our favorite Pichulik lookbooks. Shop the classic Pichulik styles featured in this collection online now at The Folklore.



Ama, which translates to "woman of the sea," was the name of Pichulik's Fall-Winter 2017 collection and refers to the Japanese women who would dive into the ocean to retrieve pearls. The name is well suited for the collection which features a number of freshwater pearls and ocean motifs. The braided black rope contrasts against the white pearls and evokes a pearl nesting spot and black kelp. This lookbook features model, Gwen Lu with styling by Gabbi Kannemeyer, photography by Alix-Rose Cowie, and makeup by Sandra Bensoussan.

Pichulik Hokusai Earrings shop the Folklore

Shop the Hokusai Earrings

Pichulik Ama collection braided black rope bracelet with white pearl shop the Folklore

Shop the Jeju Island bracelet


This collection takes its inspiration from South Asian traditional jewelry; namely, Central Indian, and Middle Eastern ceremonial pieces. The title, 'Habibi', is an Arabic term used to refer to intimate relations, likely pointing to the intended intimacy between the piece and the wearer. This lookbook features model Mishkah Van Der Schyff with hair and makeup by Nandi Kai and photography by Xandre Kriel.

Pichulik Anhita Cuff Bracelet shop the Folklore
Pichulik Anhita Cuff Bracelet shop the Folklore

Shop the Anhita Cuff Bracelet


The 2018 Spring-Summer collection 'Harvest', explores the idea of cycles as they exist in nature and the human experience. The name itself refers to the season in which people reap the fruits of their labor. This natural theme is clearly present throughout the lookbook, as images of the jewelry are frequently shot near the plants that they resemble. This lookbook features model Trishreg Mbano with hair and makeup by Amori Birch and photography by Anke Loots

Pichulik Abalone Earring shop the Folklore

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Pichulik Ode to Hepwoth B Earrings shop the Folklore

Shop the Ode to Hepworth B Earrings

Talisman for Rain

The jewelry in this collection references traditional objects people around the world has used to pray for rainwater. The totem-like shapes and constant appearance of blue help to evoke this idea. In a larger sense, the collection explores the idea of communal tradition and manifestation. These lookbook features models May Odebain and Tyra Naidoo, with hair and makeup by Amori Birch and photography by Alix-Rose Cowie.

Pichulik Ankh Pearl Earrings shop the Folklore

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Pichulik Mama Wate Earrings shop the Folklore

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Pichulik Tefnut Earrings

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The Joy collection celebrates the inner child. It consists of whimsical shapes and colors meant to capture childlike energy and imagination. Pieces from this collection are ideal for when the wearer wants to look playful, but with a sophisticated edge. This lookbook features model Sarah Isioma Samson with hair and makeup by Amori Birch, and photography by Alix-Rose Cowie.

Pichulik Memory Coral Earrings shop the Folklore

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Pichulik Jade Hoop Earrings shop the Folklore

Pichulik Jade Hoop Earrings shop the Folklore

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Written by Natalie Jarrett