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3 Ways to Style the Kente Gentlemen Baba and Soke Roi Suit

Suits have been an established fashion statement since the early 1800s, but nowadays, people tend to only suit up for professional settings. Kente Gentlemen is reinventing the wheel by creating versatile, hand-made suits from Côte d'Ivoire that you can wear anywhere. 

The brand uses kente cloth, often only worn on special occasions, to design clothing for everyday wear. Kente Gentlemen's Baba and Soke Roi Suits — which come in blue and rose hues — is the epitome of dressing to impress. 

You’ll stand taller, walk more fiercely, and overall, feel extra confident when sporting this powerhouse silhouette. If you and your closet need a pick-me-up, invest in a suit, and see how much of a difference it can make in your demeanor this fall. 

For The Folklore's latest IG TV series, our E-Commerce Manager Kimberly Ndubizu stars in a video that shows exactly how to feel powerful in a Kente Gentlemen Baba and Soke Roi Suit. 

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, Kimberly shares ways to dominate the room from day to night at a business breakfast to happy hour, and even a socially distant outdoor picnic on the weekends this autumn season.

Look 1: Business Breakfast 

If you're getting up early for a meeting with coworkers, a suit jacket can effortlessly give your outfit life. Here, Kimberly buttons up the jacket and keeps it tight by fashioning a black Thalia Strates clutch belt bag across her waist. 

On the bottom half, she complements the ensemble with dark skinny jeans to draw the eye upward to the jacket. To tie things all together, don't go overboard with your footwear and grab low, laid back heels for a chic, seamless finish. 

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Look 2: Happy Hour 

Headed out for drinks? A matching suit set is the way to go. It's a refined look that requires little planning. For the top underneath, wear a shirt with a plunging neckline to avoid the suit from becoming too bulky. 

In addition to the suit's flattering, vertical lines, pointed toe white heeled booties should be in the mix to elongate the figure even further. Then, a pair of dangling gold earrings is the final step and you'll surely get everyone's attention as soon as you walk into the bar or restaurant. 

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Look 3: Outdoor Picnic 

After a busy work week, you want to be cozy and comfortable outdoors. Thanks to Kente Gentlemen, picnicking in style has never been easier. 

A casual white turtleneck or the MmusoMaxwell Melange Boucle sweater is the perfect match to the Baba and Soke Blue Roi Suit bottoms. Add a simple flair by styling the look with freshwater pearl studs and neutral colored sandals or sneakers, in case it's cooler than you expected. 

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Feature Photo, Courtesy of @kentegentlemen
Words By Betsy Brossman