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7 Aspirational Interior Design Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


One of the best things to come from the era of oversharing and getting glimpses into other people’s lives via social media platforms is the useful tips and tricks that can be gleaned from them. From beauty bloggers on YouTube and fashion influencers on Instagram to life hacks on TikTok, the ever-growing worlds on the internet can actually teach us a thing or two.

Perhaps the most useful genre of Instagram influencers is the one where creatively inclined people open up their homes – and their exquisite tastes – to others. Home decor and interior styling inspiration is just an explore page away, and with more than 120 million posts tagged #interiordesign, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re about to embark on a do-it-yourself project to build your furniture from scratch, or just need to know what the best layout is for your gallery wall, look to these seven savvy Instagram accounts for creative tips and #housegoals inspiration.


Interior designer Sandrine Montlouis’s account @sandrine_decor is a breath of fresh air in a busy world. Clean lines and chic living rooms riddle her grid with pops of color in between. While the main shades used are often neutrals or earth tones, Montlouis puts a contemporary spin on classic layouts with unique wall art and light fixtures. Taking followers along on some of her interior design adventures, she shows some of the techniques she uses and gives plenty of useful advice on design.



Designing nurseries and playrooms while maintaining interior design integrity can serve difficult for some designers, but it is where Jada of @thejadababy thrives. By adding gallery walls, fun wallpaper prints and clean wall décor, she has created a brand of design that is difficult to replicate. She keeps her followers updated on her design journey and always has pictures with her cute clients.


In a world of serious interior design, 28-year-old Natania keeps her Instagram a judge-free zone with her uplifting posts and humorous captions. By documenting her decorating process in her period conversion apartment in London, she shows her followers new ways to arrange books on shelves, how to replace plug sockets and even tips on reusing old photo frames. Natania is an enthusiastic newbie with the instincts of a seasoned professional. Her excitement in making her first home is palpable and her optimistic attitude is inspiring.


This designer’s posts will certainly add some brightness into your life. Best known for his mix of vintage and modern pieces, unique use of color and DIY approach, @dabito is the designer and tastemaker behind the creative studio and online design resource, Old Brand New. His near-constant remodels of his own home make up the bulk of posts, welcoming his followers into a grid bursting with fun patterns and textures. The rich hues of Dabito’s Instagram never leaves followers unsatisfied, but always wanting more.


Elegance with an undertone of spunk is the definition of Tiffany Thompson’s interior design work, showcased on @theplantmami. And she doesn’t keep her secrets to herself, she shares Instagram stories providing tips for those looking to design their own spaces and she posts frequent walk-throughs of her work on Reels. Unique pieces and color combinations are at the root of Thompson’s design and it is clear that her design is an extension of her own distinctive personal style.



If you consider yourself a cozy blanket connoisseur, this is the page for you. Photos of rooms drenched in natural light with welcoming, warm colors invite Deema’s followers to join her on her design journey @prettyonfridays. She often includes her followers on her projects, asks for opinions and makes helpful suggestions along the way. Reels show her work processes and tips for amateur designers looking to find their start.


Describing her decorating style as “Jamaican nan cottage core” — a combination of her Jamaican heritage and soft florals, especially in the carpets — Laura Hunter of @nofeaturewalls shows off bold wallpapers rather than feature walls, as her handle suggests. Hunter’s grid is home to florals galore, save some mirrors and staircase photos. The patterned pieces and DIY projects will definitely add a fun twist to your Instagram feed.

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Words by Holly Liptak