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Introducing The Folklore


A short behind the scenes film captured & edited by Brittney Briggs

 During a time when African designers are experiencing major international acclaim, The Folklore has emerged to redefine the way African brands are marketed and distributed to the world. Operating out of NYC, The Folklore delivers a curated list of 20 high-end and emerging designers from Africa and the African diaspora.

The Folklore’s carefully curated product-line reflects the diversity of Africa's contemporary urban landscapes and design aesthetic. The online store boasts designer apparel, jewelry, shoes, bags, and homeware from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Ontario, Lagos, Abidjan, New York, and London. Each brand’s minimalist, yet edgy aesthetic, can be enjoyed by people around the world who appreciate clean, boundary-pushing design.

Exclusivity is key for The Folklore. The site carries very limited stock of each product, and many styles are one-of-a-kind, and therefore, exclusive to The Folklore. By shipping products directly from NYC, The Folklore provides customers from around the world the opportunity to purchase brands that were previously unavailable outside of Africa in a quick and cost-effective way.

Not only does The Folklore function as an online retailer, it also serves as a cultural hub for contemporary brands, artists, and creatives to showcase their personal stories. The company has collaborated with numerous creatives from around the world on its visual and editorial content. The combination of goods and services provided by The Folklore helps enhance the visibility and financial success of Africa’s garment industry while exposing a global customer base to exclusive designers and styles, some of which were previously unavailable to shop online or outside of Africa until now.

Cinematographer/Editor - Brittney Briggs
Styling - Sakinah Selah 
Assistant Stylist - Nichole Llewellyn