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Kinfolk: How this Customer wears the Warning Tunic by Orange Culture


This week, we’re back with a new installment of our Kinfolk series where we feature different and dedicated customers of The Folklore who have taken pride in their purchases and let us know about it by tagging us on Instagram.

Kinfolk is an invaluable opportunity for us to talk to our customers and learn about their favorite designers, the pieces they love, and how their personal style connects them to The Folklore, by letting them tell their stories, in their own words.

Our Kinfolk this week is Ronald Burke, a 24-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia. Ronald works as a retail manager and, outside of work, is interested in photography, styling as well as taekwondo. Recently, he purchased the Warning Tunic by contemporary Nigerian designer Orange Culture on The Folklore.

How did you hear about The Folklore? What drew you to the site?

I heard about it through Orange Culture. Then I saw the dope clothing and advertising for the different brands.

How would you describe your personal style?

Vintage. Posh. Random.

Who, or what, are your style inspirations and why?

I take inspiration from my everyday experiences in life, whether it’s my mood, the weather, the people I see or even my boyfriend.

Why did you pick the Warning Tunic from Orange Culture?

When I saw the piece I instantly fell in love. I was like, “I have to have this”. Nobody is wearing this where I’m at!

Who would you say is your favorite designer on our site?

Definitely Orange Culture.

If you were to purchase another item from The Folklore, what would it be?

I currently have my eye on the Shadow Man Lagos Kaftan by Orange Culture.

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Words by Claire Blaha
Images courtesy of Ronald Burke