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Naomi Campbell Wants the Fashion Industry to Support African Designers


Model, actress, and businesswomen Naomi Campbell has been initiating more conversations surrounding Africa and the continent's potential for advancement within the luxury fashion industry. In a recent interview that she did with CNN Style, the model elaborated on the topic stating, "Africa is very rich in so many ways and has been so untapped for it –– most of all for their people and what they can give. So, this is the time."

Recently, Naomi made an appearance at Arise Fashion Week, one of Nigeria's largest and most star-studed fashion events. While she was there she witnessed the talent of many unique and creative brands, including Andrea Iyamah, Loza Maléombho, MmusoMaxwell, and Tokyo James, all of which are stocked by The Folklore. It is true, there is so much talent in Africa as a whole that tends to get overlooked, and this is why Naomi is using her voice to bring more awareness to this problem.

Below watch model and fashion activist Naomi Campbell catwalk down the runway at last month's Arise Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria via CNN Style. If you haven't done so already, make sure to read The Folklore's recap of Arise Fashion Week 2019 here