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You Can Now Pre-Order MmusoMaxwell's Spring/Summer 2021 Collection


Starting today, you can pre-order MmusoMaxwell’s newest Spring/Summer 2021 collection. It features a wave of sartorial statements with highly structured, modern looks taking center stage. Naturally, we'd expect nothing less from Mmuso Potsane and Maxwell Boko, the pair of designers behind MmusoMaxwell operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa.

In case you missed it, these two first met as competitors on David Tlale’s television show The Intern, and afterward joined forces to create their unstoppable brand. Since then, the duo has been featured in countless publications including Vogue, i-D Magazine, Elle South Africa. As if that wasn't enough to cement their high fashion status, they also got the chance to style Beyoncé when she visited South Africa. 

Despite the designers' rise to stardom, they have remained modest and intentional in their designs providing high-quality and fashion-forward ready-to-wear pieces for all. In addition, they prioritize creating timeless, sustainable clothing suitable for daily wear and special occasions alike. One glance at the latest collection featuring subtly cinched jackets along with versatile A-line silhouettes and you'll surely want to wear the luxurious looks everywhere. 

Some pieces evoke the baroque with playful bell sleeves, while skirts either embrace the symmetrical or discard it altogether. Either way, you'll come across intriguing looks you won't find anywhere else. Then, underneath it all lies the forever-classy turtleneck available in gold, tan, and deep green.

Among these pieces, MmusoMaxwell places an emphasis on texture that many designers tend to overlook. Cool denim along with cozy wool and mohair all make repeated appearances. However, the spotlight rests on sharp pleats that elegantly contrasts the other relaxed forms Potsane and Book managed to create. It's rare to find one-of-a-kind designer items that are comfortable and wearable with plenty of visual interest to spare. 

A few heavy hitters include the sky blue Mushroom Sleeve Cotton Top with a regal structure and dramatically puffed sleeves that epitomize the elevated design choices evident throughout the collection. The A-line Denim Skirt showcases two extra panels of fabric flaring out from the waist that can flatter any figure. Likewise, the Sleeveless Knit Top ends gracefully in peplum-reminiscent ruching, and the Side Pleet Tailored Wool Jacket continues the motif with a cinched waist that expands downward. 

That's not all as the collection equally highlights masculine-leaning patterns such as the classic Layered Trench Coat Cadet and the Tailored Pants Cadet to complete the ultimate business-chic look. As more women across Africa enter the workforce, MmusoMaxwell is stepping up to meet the demand with workwear that effortlessly exudes power alongside confidence via the designers' more out-of-the-box experimental attire.  

Thanks to their teamwork, ingenuity, and focus on both innovation and practicality, MmusoMaxwell devised concepts laced with grace and vigor that always keep in mind the customer's wants and more importantly, needs. While many creators see this as a challenge, they simply make it happen with ease.


View all the looks from MmusoMaxwell's Spring/Summer 2021 collection below and shop select styles from the brand here

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Shop the Mushroom Sleeve Cotton Top

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Words by Sarah Ann Stager