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Upgrade Your Closet With Gozel Green's Transformation of Classic Silhouettes


Dresses and skirts are anything but ordinary for Sylvia Enekwe-Ojei and Olivia Enekwe-Okoji, the twin sisters behind the Nigeria-based brand Gozel Green. The duo launched a new collection earlier this week on The Folklore and to say the pieces are bold would be an understatement. 

It's as if the designers walked right up to everything the world has ever known about these conventional silhouettes and ran in the other direction. With the fashion industry dictating trends season after season, there's often underlying uniformity that looms the masses. 

Gozel Green isn't part of that list and doesn't conform to what's trending. Every piece is original and we guarantee that owning any of the following items will make you see clothes differently.

View the looks from Gozel Green and shop select styles from the brand here.

Reimagine the midi-skirt. 

Forget the notion that midi-skirts are long, unflattering bottoms that fade into the background of any look. In any outfit pairing, the Gozel Green Black Puzzle Skirt takes complete control with its uneven puzzle-like pattern at the bottom, which immediately catches the eye and adds movement. 

Shop Gozel Green Black Puzzle Skirt at The Folklore

Shop the Black Puzzle Skirt.

The white jagged edges also appear two-thirds of the way down the dress giving the skirt a layered look. Just make sure to not overwhelm the piece with a flowing top, it's best to opt for a fitted top that lets the skirt be the main attraction. 

Modernize the shift dress. 

This is truly a piece like no other. From first glance, the Monostrap Apron Midi Dress seems like several separate pieces styled together as one. In reality, it's one singular palette of colors.

Shop Gozel Green Monostrap Apron Midi Dress at The Folklore

Shop the Monostrap Apron Midi Dress.

The white apron strap crosses over the shoulder and down the center of the dress making it an undeniable eye-catcher. With vibrant maroon and blue halving the dress, the piece is sure to accentuate your natural curves. This dress doesn't conform to societal feminine standards, but rather, takes an old-fashion garment into the 21st century. 

Elevate your go-to LBD.  

Gozel Green's Long Sleeve Gash Dress is the little black dress must-have of the season. There are multiple pieces in this dress that are secured together with tasteful white stitching.

Shop Gozel Green Long Sleeve Gash Dress at The Folklore

Shop the Long Sleeve Gash Dress.

It may exude innocence, but as soon as you slip it on, the dress is instantly striking allowing it to be easily dressed up or down. The dress' string of pieces will leave you feeling confident and classy from all sides. 

Go green. 

In a dazzling green hue, the Sleeveless Gash Dress is sure to shine. The ubiquitous statement-making gashes are non-uniform and simultaneously functional as it allows the look to be breathable. 

Shop Gozel Green Sleeveless Gash Dress at The Folklore

Shop Sleeveless Gash Dress.

Once partnered with a fresh pair of white boots, it will have you reminiscing of warm, sunny weather. It's not winter yet, so take advantage of its absence of sleeves. Arms bare, the dress is spot-on for a warm fall day or simply layer a jacket over it during chillier days. 

Feature Photo, Courtesy of Gozel Green
Words by Betsy Brossman