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The New Collection by Kenyan Jewelry Brand SOKO is Made for the Modern Woman


The little things are what have kept us going this past year. Small victories and the subtle uplifts in mood have been the break in the clouds we’ve all needed, and jewelry has been one of those things. Putting on a pair of earrings, stacking multiple rings on our fingers or bracelets on our wrists can be a mood-boosting act, a way to maintain stylish composure in the face of monotony.

Nairobi-based jewelry brand SOKO has worked to uplift spirits since its inception and the new SS21 collection is no different. Proving that the brand is well-accustomed to trends, both in setting them and keeping up with them, the latest collection capitalizes on multiple pairings, whether that comes in the form of stacking rings, layering necklaces or doubling up on bangles. Inspired by powerful women and denial of the status quo, SOKO has created pieces to complement everyday aptitude. Bursting with brilliant designs in statement and classic pieces alike, this collection proves the more the merrier.

Conscious practices, ethical processes and local sources are important values to SOKO. That is why the women-led brand employs local Kenyan artisans to create its statement pieces, connecting them with the global market. Each piece supports artisan innovation and entrepreneurship, and in turn, empowers and inspires the women who wear it to express themselves with no reservations.

SOKO utilizes various materials in its designs, including ceramic beads, brass, silver, reclaimed horn and bone. All are ethically sourced through traditional techniques and the materials are handcrafted into statement earrings, necklaces, cuffs and rings.

To celebrate the arrival of the new collection from SOKO, as well as the return of a few favorites, we’ve chosen five must-have pieces to add to your jewelry box now.


Open Square Statement Ring

SOKO Open Square Statement Ring

Shop the Open Square Statement Ring

Handcrafted in recycled brass, the Open Square Statement ring lives up to its name. The window in the center does not leave something to be desired, but rather is the center of attention. With a thick band but an overall delicate design, this ring can hold its own or be paired with other rings.

Sia Stud Earrings

SOKO Sia Stud Earrings

Shop the Sia Stud Earrings

Shaped from a curved sheet of brass, the Sia Stud Earrings carry a sense of effortlessness while still remaining the star of the show. The simple silhouette offers a unique modern elegance in lustrous gold, this pair can turn an everyday look into an extraordinary look.

Capped Horn Hoop Earrings

SOKO Capped Horn Hoop Earrings

Shop the Capped Corn Hoop

Finished with brass caps on either end, the Capped Horn Hoop earrings are a fun set that can liven up a dull ensemble. The classic shape offers the perfect balance of shine and sophistication and with the body of the piece made from ethically sourced horn, these earrings promote ethical practices and artisan innovation. Rendered in a neutral hue, this pair is the finishing touch needed to complete any look.


Ribbon Statement Earrings

SOKO Ribbon Statement Earrings

Shop the Ribbon Statement Earrings

These chic, minimalistic earrings are a versatile pair that can dress up any everyday outfit. They imitate the flow and shape of a ribbon, hence the name, and is available in 24k gold-plated brass. Looped and lightweight as if they are true ribbons, these earrings can effortlessly tie together any outfit.


Spike Earrings

SOKO Spike Earrings

Shop the Spike Earrings

A spike with equal parts brass and bone — equal parts conventional and modern — is the makeup of the dangling Spike Earrings. A delicate piece with the right amount of rebellious edge, these sharp earrings hold true to SOKO’s mission of highlighting strong, powerful women.

Shop the SOKO collection here 


Words by Holly Liptak