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Sounds of the Month August ’21: Tracks That Reflect Our Associate Buyer’s Mood


After food, alcohol and sleep, the thing that mostly reflects whatever mood we’re in is probably music. “Take me back” and begging R&B songs after a break-up, old-school bangers when we’re feeling nostalgic and upbeat Gospel music when we’re doing chores around the house on a Sunday.

Music’s ability to positively impact our mood or just help us through the day cannot be understated. That’s why we listen to playlists while working, or blast bass-heavy tracks while driving, or drown out the loud noise on the subway – it just makes the time go by that much better.

For this month’s playlist, we asked our South Africa-based Associate Buyer, Vanessa Maseko, to share what she’s listening to right now and she responded with more than 20 songs of different genres that reflect her mood. “My playlists usually reflect the mood I’m in but you’ll always find instrumental beats filtered down from Afrobeat, house and a bit of hip-hop. As a creative, I’m constantly looking to find inspiration for my work, therefore music has always been my muse,” she says.

Featuring artists that include Nigerian singers Lojay and Ayra Starr, rappers Dave, J. Cole and Wale, as well as Cape Verdean songstress Mayra Andrade, our Associate Buyer’s playlist is an eclectic mix of popular songs and lesser-known choices. She says, “this playlist is full of my current top tracks, which really describe the type of person I am – it’s the real secret to my happiness. Give me a beat and I can show you what I’ll do with it, basically.”

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