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Sounds of the Month May ’21: Cavier Coleman Creates a Playlist for The Folklore


One way to get to know someone that bit better is through their musical taste. Just asking what someone is listening to tell you a lot about them. That is exactly what we did when we interviewed artist Cavier Coleman recently. As soon as discovered that he was also a musical artist, we wanted to know what the songs he’s currently blasting in his creative studio.

Unsurprisingly, he is listening to tracks from his new record Joke On You. Of his third album, Cavier says he was “able to go deeper to connect on a higher frequency with my emotions.” The record was produced by fellow artist Andrew Psomas, and features appearances by Ashtraypunk, Sherm and Boy Cotton.

“Though hip-hop is an important influence in my life, I enjoy a vast number of genres,” Cavier says, describing his sound as a bit of electronic, hip-hop, and soul. This is evident in his selection of “Take Me Just As I Am” by singer Lyn Collins, who is best known for working alongside James Brown.

A good measure of how good someone’s musical ear is can be measured by the number of new songs or artists they bring to your attention. Cavier’s playlist, below, introduces us to under-the-radar artists such as South African jazz singer Letta Mbulu and Belgian pop band Hooverphonic – we’ll definitely be adding them to our rotation.

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