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The Edit: Wardrobe Staples to Wear Now and Love for Ever


We all have those pieces in our closets that we come back to over and over again. From old T-shirts we’ve been wearing since college to that little black dress that just works for every occasion, certain items are just imbued with a lot of wearability and longevity.

The importance of timeless designs that can be worn day in, day out has been made clear over the past few months, and many mainstay pieces are getting the recognition they deserve, with many brands showing that when a little imagination is applied, these enduring pieces make for some truly stylish looks.

Read on for our edit of five timeless items that promise to become the most reliable pieces in your closet.


The Jumpsuit

The Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit is a signature piece by sustainably minded South African womenswear brand SELFI. It has been produced over the years in various colors such as olive green, stone and black, perfectly represents SELFI’s comfortable and fashionable aesthetic. The jumpsuit is handmade in Cape Town by local artisans and are made of natural Ramie linen, allowing for the fabric to lay gently on the body while providing ample space to move and breathe.

The Button-Down Shirt

When it comes to closet staples, none is more hard-working than the button-down collared shirt and the Warning Tunic by Nigerian brand Orange Culture is a contemporary take on a classic style. The long-line shirt features a three-button placket that only goes down to the chest and a photographic print at the bottom. An eye-catching yet versatile piece, it will effortlessly complement many pieces in your wardrobe, from tailored trousers to jeans.

The Hoop Earrings

If you’re after a modern take on the classic hoop, then look no further than the Mezi Maxi Hoop Earrings by Nairobi-based jewelry brand SOKO. These tapered, oval-shaped hoops are the perfect match to any formal gown or a casual outfit. Ethically crafted by Kenyan artisans using traditional techniques, the Mezi hoop earrings are made from 24k gold-plated brass for a sophisticated, shimmering look that is always in style.

The Wrap Dress

One of the most universally flattering and versatile items of clothing is a wrap dress. This version is the Galaxy Wrap Dress by W35T, a Cape Town-based brand known for its fun and flirty pieces. Whether you’re going on a date, a BBQ, a shopping trip or on vacation, the Galaxy dress can be styled in various ways and dressed up or down. Designed with comfort in mind, it’s made from a lightweight fabric that is tie-dyed in a red and black pattern with a light blue trim.

The Suit

Suits have been worn by men and women everywhere for centuries now and despite the rise of more casual dress, even to the workplace, the tailored look is not going anywhere. Now and again, it needs some spicing up and Côte d’Ivoire-based brand Kente Gentlemen has made an attempt to reinvent the wheel by creating the Baba and Soke Suit. Handmade in Abidjan from a blend of satin and local Senuofo fabric with a pinstripe pattern, it’s a thoroughly modern look that will still look fresh for years to come.

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