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Re-introducing The Folklore Marketplace Shopping Directory

The Folklore Marketplace, the shopping aggregator site that provides one central location to discover products from Black-owned designer brands sold across multiple e-commerce sites, is back and better with a new and improved experience for consumers.

The Folklore Marketplace works as an e-commerce shopping directory that aggregates products, images, pricing and descriptions from dozens of online retailers and merchandises them in an easy-to-use way that lets shoppers compare prices and choose which website to complete their purchase, based on their needs.

First launched by The Folklore Group in April 2022 as part of its conglomerate of B2B, consumer, and media products, Marketplace was built as a replacement for the company’s original direct-to-consumer platform. Today, the Marketplace returns to provide customers around the world with access to diverse and sustainable brands, enabling them to shop directly from the retailers stocking the collections they love.

With just-arrived pieces from new retail partner on the site, customers now have a wider range of designer brands to choose from, including AAKS handbags, Jade Swim and jewelry brand KHIRY.

An enhanced search function also means that shoppers can browse and shop by brand, country or product category to find the perfect items from their favorite brands, and easily checkout with the selected retailer.

Since The Folklore was established in 2018, the company’s mission has been rooted in empowering Black-founded brands and designers of color, and using technology to connect brands to global customers and partners that value sustainability and innovative design. The Marketplace is just one of the ways that The Folklore is fulfilling its vision is to see these brands sold around the world.

Discover The Folklore Marketplace here