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The 8 Best Stores to Shop Local Designer Brands in Cape Town


It's no secret that Cape Town, South Africa is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Whether overlooking Camps Bay from Table Mountain or taking a road trip through the Garden Route, visitors will find that there's no shortage of majestic sights to enjoy. Naturally, the city's beauty has attracted tourists from around the world. Upon arriving in Cape Town, these explorers are often shocked to discover that beyond the greenery lies a bustling and innovative fashion design scene that is beginning to attract mainstream success.

Cape Town-based brands like Selfi, Nicholas Coutts, W35T, Thalia Strates, and Pichulik (all of which are available to shop via The Folklore), have curated a design scene that incorporates traditional African design techniques, the city's natural sites, and a modern aesthetic greatly informed by minimalism and wearability. For the average outsider, it may not be the easiest tasks to track down the city's most impressive design gems. To help streamline the process, The Folklore put together a list of local concept stores and boutiques that carry local designer brands in Cape Town. 



199 Loop Street, Shop 3, Cape Town, South Africa

When it comes to minimalism, Cape Town-based brand Selfi is leading the charge in South Africa. Since 2012, the women's fashion brand has consistently produced stylish, understated closet essentials like the extremely popular Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit. Although you can purchase select Selfi merchandise online via The Folklore, if you're in Cape Town the brand's brick-and-mortar store offers an even wider selection and a serene aesthetic that makes for a pleasurable shopping experience.

Selfi Store Cape Town South Africa Shopping

Selfi Store Cape Town South Africa Shopping


Shop Collective (Formally AKJP Collective)

73 Kloof Street, Cape Town, South Africa

Shop Collective houses some of Cape Town's greatest talents, including The Folklore designers W35T, Pichulik and Thalia Strates. The store is curated to reflect the bold abstract nature of the local design scene while maintaining a modern edge.garments and accessories that refines the meaning of minimalism.  The shop is located on one of Cape Town's trendiest blocks just minutes away from the heart of the city. Because of its prime location and its impressive offering, this shop should make it to the top of anyone's list.AKJP Collective Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store

Shop Collective Cape Town Shopping Guide


Margot Molyneux

69 Roeland Street, Cape Town, South Africa

Located in the Cape Town City Centre, this carefully designed concept shop exudes elegance. Its art and nature inspired layout boast some of the most trendy interior design elements, including marble patterned walls, round ceiling bulbs, and plush seating. The unique textures and natural color palette found in their classic garments offer high quality and intricate designs that appeal to the even the most experienced fashion lover.

Margot Molyneux Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store

Margot Molyneux Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store


Orphan Street Clothing

7 Orphan Street, Cape Town, South Africa 

When first walking into the Orphan Street Clothing Store, the raw materials and natural elements of the space might immediately pique your interest. As you take a better look inside, you'll find an impressive selection of high-end local streetwear brands that complement the contemporary interior design aesthetic. More than a clothing store, OSCS offers a creative and open space for local artists to browse through magazines and collaborate on new projects that will shake the city.

Orphan Street Clothing Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store

Orphan Street Clothing Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store


Merchants on Long

34 Long Street, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town's Merchants on Long has longed described itself as the first African concept store. Although it might be hard to prove, one thing that cannot be denied is that the shop is one of Africa's best concept stores. Tucked away on one of Cape Town's most popular streets, Merchants on Long invites shoppers to discover luxury African fashion from Johannesburg (MaXhosa) all the way to Cote d'Ivoire (Loza Maleombho). The store's festive interior and the product's vibrant prints and colors truly illuminate the diversity of African design.

Merchants On Long Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store

Merchants On Long Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store


The Watershed

17 Dock Rd, Cape Town, South Africa

With over 150 shops filled with local and international fashion, jewelry, and more, this marketplace is a popular space for visitors to come. Inside of the massive Waterfront space, you'll find unique jewelry from Pichulik that offers colorful and distinctive handmade pieces, in addition to the vibrant works of local artisans. The Watershed allows visitors to experience more than a basic shopping trip, rather they are treated to art and live entertainment in one of the city's most vibrant areas.

V&A Waterfront Watershed Cape Town South Africa Fashion Retail Store


Southern Guild

Silo 5, Unit 5B, South Arm Road

Part gallery part concept store, Southern Guild may be the most high end and finely curated shops in Cape Town. The interactive space features furniture, sculptures, paintings, ceramics, candles, scarves, and other small home and accessories items from top local designers (including The Folklore designer Nicholas Coutts). With over a decade under its belt and a new Waterfront location, Southern Guild has begun to expand their offering and collaborate with local designers for special furniture capsule collections. 


Bo-Op Collective 

102 Wale Street, Bokaap, Cape Town, South Africa 

Bo-Op Collective takes pride in exclusively carrying handmade products. The product line features abstract apparel, jewelry, and other accessories that are inspired by individuality. Many visitors enjoy the ambiance of the store but are even more excited to learn that each product is created with quality and care by a talented selection of designers and artists. Located in the historic Bo-Kaap area, this shop is positioned right on the corner of a block full of bright and colorful homes.