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5 Best Museums You Should Visit in Kenya in 2019


Kenya is a country known for welcoming tourists from around the world. The East African country has plenty of attractions for its growing tourist population, including animal reserves and national parks. In addition to the outdoor attractions, Kenya also has a number of impressive museums that provide background on the history and culture of the nation. The works presented in these museums largely come from local artists from East Africa and also feature select works from international artists. If you're looking for something to do on your next trip to Kenya, make sure to include one of Kenya's most magical and popular museums. 


Fort Jesus Museum, Mombasa, Kenya

The Fort Jesus Museum is located in Mombasa, Kenya.  It was created in the 16th century by the order of King Philip 1 of the Portuguese in order to guard the old port of Mombasa. The architecture is built in the shape of a man and it represents an outline of a person lying on their back with their head facing towards the sea. The museum houses collections of archaeological artifacts from the port, old town conservation office, and research programs. 

Fort Jesus Museum in Kenya

Lamu Fort Museum, Lamu, Kenya

Lamu Fort Museum is located in northeastern Kenya. The building represents Swahili architecture and culture.  The museum houses a library with an excellent collection of Swahili poetry and reference material on Lamu.  It is also a community center for the people of Lamu old town.

Lamu Fort Museum in Kenya

Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi National Museum is located in Nairobi, Kenya. The museum was created by a group of naturalist in 1910. It houses celebrated collections of Kenya’s history, nature, culture and contemporary art. The museum is known for events that celebrate Kenya's heritage. Also, it has a botanical garden that tourists can visit.

Nairobi National Museum

Abasuba Community Peace Museum, Mfangano, Kenya 

Absasuba Community Peace Museum is located in Mfangano, Kenya. It was created in founded in 2000 by Jack Wanyende. The museum promotes and protects the cultural and natural heritage of the Abasuba people. It also houses a community center, library, and museum gallery. 

Abasuba Community Peace Museum in Kenya

Kitale Museum, Kitale, Kenya 

The Kitale Museum is the first domestic museum in Kenya. It was first opened for the general public in 1924. The museum hosts items gathered from various tribes of Kenya such as the Luhya, Maasai, and Turkana. It has traditional Kenyan weapons, utensils and native instruments.  The museum also gives visitors the experience of being an actual Kenya rain forest.

Kitale Museum