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A New Fashion Equation: Atto Tetteh’s SS21 Collection Arrives


Founded in Ghana in late 2014 by designer George Tetteh, menswear brand Atto Tetteh began life as a label built to showcase the fashionable nous of the African man. The brand’s output over the years has been collections of modern, high-quality and trend-led pieces separates with a touch of African culture, ranging from utility-inspired jumpsuits to printed two-piece sets. However, Atto Tetteh is not your typical menswear label and, in a drive to push the boundaries of conventional fashion design, it started producing androgynous styles that can be worn by men and women alike.

For its spring/summer 2021 collection, Atto Tetteh takes a considered yet playful approach to its design. Inspired by triumph over disappointment, the story behind the collection tells the tale of a young boy who is bad at math and fails an algebra test. His failure saddens him, however, he decides to turn this around and create his own unique philosophy and take charge of his own narrative. The result is the “S Theorem” collection, which states that “everyone is special and unique and with a good and encouraging social environment they will thrive and make a positive impact the world,” according to the Accra-based brand.

The philosophy is manifested as equations and calculus problems printed on button-down shirts, childlike doodles of made-up characters on T-shirts and mathematical symbols, paired with denim separates, tailored suits, leather jackets and uniform-style khaki pants, with pops of color thrown in for visual impact. Making use of vegan leather and handwoven fabrics, the S Theorem collection has plenty of global appeal, while keeping its inherent quality homegrown and authentic.

The SS21 collection “S Theorem” by Atto Tetteh is now available on The Folklore. See the new pieces below and a video clip of the creative process behind the designs and shop the collection here.

Shop the White Graphic Top and Samurai Khaki Pants by Ghanaian brand Atto Tetteh

Shop the White Graphic Top and Samurai Khaki Pants

Shop the Akokoti Embroidered Shirt by Atto Tetteh

Shop the Akokoti Embroidered Shirt

Shop the Paperbag Corded Shorts by Atto Tetteh

Images and video courtesy of Atto Tetteh