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Sounds of the Month June ’21: Our Songs of the Summer


There seems to be no song of the summer for 2021. Or, more accurately, there’s no consensus on what the song of the summer is, according to the Twitterverse. But it is June and the official first day of summer is fast approaching, so whatever we happen to be listening to at the moment is our song of the summer.

Many songs have been proposed for this honor, but Team Folklore is taking matter into our own hands. Our contenders include songs from the past year that did not get their time to shine, such as “Rich Bitch Juice” by Bajan singer Amanda Reifer. Afrobeats are still at the top of our lists, including the aptly titled “Summer Time” by Nigerian artist Olakira and Davido’s “Jowo”. We’re not completely averse to songs from 2021, though. “Rider” is the first single from AZEB, the new EP by American singer Mereba, where she sings about love, intimacy and womanhood. Also making the cut on our playlist, which  you can listen to below, is the gospel-fueled song “We Win” by Lil Baby and Kirk Franklin, from the soundtrack of the upcoming LeBron James movie Space Jam: A New Legacy.

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Image: Mereba courtesy of Instagram