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Editorial - All Wrapped Up in Summer and Selfi


Cape Town-based womenswear brand Selfi is all about producing stylish understated clothing that is both environmentally friendly and easy to wear. Since 2009, Selfi's Founder and Creative Director, Celeste Arendse, has merged her love of sustainable materials and abstract shapes to design staple pieces that customers can proudly boast about wearing for years to come. The brand's name derives from the word "self", which corresponds with the brand's philosophy of encouraging self-empowerment and self-betterment. Each collection grasps the essence of what it means to feel powerful, natural, and authentic. 

Selfi's signature Oval Sleeve Jumpsuits and Rompers, which over the years the brand has produced in various colors and linens, perfectly represents Selfi's overall comfortable-but-fashion-forward aesthetic and commitment to environmentally friendly design. The jumpsuits are handmade in Cape Town by local artisans and are made out of 100% linen, allowing for the cropped-straight leg pant to lay gently on the body and providing ample space to move and breathe. At first glance, the jumpsuit's wrap style gives off the appearance that you're wearing a crop top with a pair of high-waisted pants. However, upon further examination, the one-piece garment reveals itself to be a multi-functional piece that can be wrapped and tied in various ways to show as little or as much skin as desired.

Last month, Los-Angeles based producer Raven Irabor, helped capture Selfi's empowering essence in a shoot dedicated to the brand's cool, minimalistic flare. Raven tapped models Alex WatsonSalanya InmaungAlex Carranza (Photogenics LA), photographer Austin Durant and director of photography Allison Waite, to tell a story about self-love, self-expression, and self-confidence. The fashion editorial and complementary short film, "All Wrapped Up in Summer and Selfi", speaks to the brand's appreciation of the female form and women's active lifestyles, that requires a great deal of flexibility and sensibility but does not sacrifice style and quality. 

Explore the world of Selfi with The Folklore's striking new fashion editorial and short film "All Wrapped Up in Summer and Selfi". Shop all of the looks featured from Cape Town-based brands Selfi and accessories label Pichulik online now at The Folklore.



The Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit and Sleeveless Jumpsuit by Selfi are classic linen jumpsuit styles updated with a contemporary twist. The light-weight linen jumpsuits are perfect summertime staple pieces that feature an elasticated waistband, small cut-out design, and two ties to wrap the jumpsuit around the back or tie it in the front. 

Salanya Inmaung (left) wears Stone Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit and Abalone Earrings, Alex Carranza (center) wears Olive Sleeveless Jumpsuit and Mother Earth Assemble Earrings, Alex Watson (right) wears Black Sleeveless Jumpsuit. All apparel Selfi, all jewelry Pichulik









Song - Slipping by Courtnie


The Avocado and Teal Oval Sleeve Romper by Selfi adds a round-sleeve element to a classic linen romper design. The light-weight linen romper is a perfect summertime staple that features an elasticated waistband, small cut-out design, and two ties to wrap the jumpsuit around the back or tie it in the front.

Salanya Inmaung (left) wears Avacado Oval Sleeve Romper and Mother Earth Assemble Earrings, Alex Watson (center) wears Teal Oval Sleeve Romper and Jade Hoop Earrings, Alex Carranza (right) wears Stone Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit and Abalone EarringsAll apparel Selfi, all jewelry Pichulik.











Producer/Creative Director - Raven Irabor 
Director of Photography - Allison Waite
Photographer - Austin Durant 
Colorist - Emily Bailey
Stylists - Kenèe + D’Shaunte
HMUA - TaNazjha Washington 
Assistant - Ibijola Lagundoye 
Models - Alex WatsonSalanya InmaungAlex Carranza (Photogenics LA
Studio - Edge Studios