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Shop Nairobi's SOKO Jewelry for Elegant Twists on Classic Trends


Based in Nairobi, Kenya, SOKO is a female-led ethical jewelry brand that deserves your attention. Each piece in this newly dropped collection on The Folklore is made of pure 24k gold-plated brass, which guarantees a reduced tarnish rate and a rare need to polish. 

However, SOKO's accessories aren't just reliable statement staples for your closet. In addition to placing women in leadership roles, the company utilizes mobile technology to connect marginalized Kenyan artists directly to the global marketplace.

Unlike a centralized manufacturer, SOKO is a certified B-corporation because the team believes in furthering their business for the greater good. SOKO prioritizes balancing profit and purpose to create a positive impact within the Kenyan community.

The brand wants to make a difference by offering impactful, high-quality jobs to help reduce poverty and develop a more inclusive economy. You'll feel a more meaningful sense of empowerment the second you order and put on any of the following pieces. Oh, and you'll be in excellent company as Oprah, Zoë Kravitz, and more are all fans of the brand. 

Less is more.

Simple accessories can go a long way. Sometimes, a minimalist choice like the Delicate Dash Ring has the natural ability to take a look to the next level without going overboard.

It's without a doubt able to stand out on its own, but at the same time, the ring pairs well with just about anything. Don't panic about finding a perfect match either as this versatile ring will teach you that gold-only stacks are a thing of the past. 

Shop SOKO Delicate Dash Ring on The Folklore

Shop the Delicate Dash Ring

Wrap it up.

The Dash Hinge Wrap Choker will certainly turn heads. As with many of SOKO's pieces, this necklace doesn't fully connect in the front allowing for both ends to be adequately admired. 

With the temperatures continuing to drop, the gold band is an effortless way to enhance a plain turtleneck or adorn a bare chest. There's nothing quite like this choker making it the perfect addition to your jewelry box. 

Shop SOKO Dash Hinge Wrap Choker on The Folklore

Shop the Dash Hinge Wrap Choker

Embrace the extraordinary. 

Constructed from a single, tapered gold band, SOKO's Twisted Dash Ring is unlike anything you've ever seen. It circles the finger and creates eye-catching organic movement that contrasts the static silhouette of common ring designs.  

Moreover, the thinner ends of the ring were thoughtfully designed to rest comfortably on the backside of the finger, simultaneously letting the prominent pops of gold in the front shine.

Shop SOKO's Twisted Dash Ring on The Folklore

 Shop the Twisted Dash Ring

Get new hoops.  

It's time to upgrade your standard hoop earrings to SOKO's Dash Hoops. The brand's fresh take on the trend offers a snake-shaped loop that slips through the piercing and stunningly hangs off the ear. 

You'll also find comfort in these no-nonsense earrings as there's no awkward clasp cluttering the accessories. Looking crisp and cool, you'll never want to take them off. 

Shop SOKO Dash Hoops on The Folklore

Shop the SOKO Dash Hoops

Find value in vintage. 

SOKO’s Uzi Cuff delves into the past as it showcases vintage-inspired gold detailing. It's completely clasp-less and easily slides onto the wrist. 

This a classic and timeless silhouette that works no matter what you wear. It can complement an LBD or casual pair of jeans. If you want an accessory that just works, look no further than this SOKO cuff. 

Shop SOKO Uzi Cuff on The Folklore

 Shop the Uzi Cuff

Feature Photo, Courtesy of @shopsoko
Words by Betsy Brossman