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You'll Fall in Love With the Kenyan Coast Thanks to These Photographers


The East African country of Kenya is vast. While most visitors embark on hikes up Mount Kilimanjaro or plan trips to explore the impressive safari parks, the nation’s beauty extends well beyond these attractions. 

Given all the activities you can do on land, it’s easy to overlook the Kenyan coast, but the following photographers are putting this destination on the map. As soon as you scroll through these images, the white sand beaches alongside the coast’s stunning architecture and distinct culture will immediately win you over.

Start following some of The Folklore’s favorite Kenyan photographers and you’ll be more excited than ever to check out your feed. 

Peter Ndung’u

Peter Ndung’u is a travel, documentary, and lifestyle photographer. To describe the Nairobi-native as adventurous would be an understatement, but his ability to transport you to the island town of Lamu, Kenya is his real gift. 

The best part is, Ndung’u won’t just give you an empty caption. In select posts, he recalls his behind-the-scenes experiences of his action shots and briefly explains how you can achieve similar shots on your own. Follow in his footsteps and transform your Instagram.

Peter Ndung'u on The Folklore


Tatiana Karanja

Tatiana Karanja uses her photography skills to capture her interests in fashion and nature. Her extensive portfolio even landed her the prestigious Bake Award for Best Photography in 2018. 

For those who want a combination of style and travel inspiration, Karanja is the person to follow. Her photos are effortless and will always keep you coming back for more. 

Tatiana Karanja on The Folklore


Mutua Matheka

Are you ready to find out what vacationing on the Kenyan coast is really like? Let photographer Mutua Matheka lead the way. He documents his stay in the most stunning hotels, our favorite being Lamu Island’s Forodhani House.

If blue waters and fancy tropical resorts are your weakness, you’ll definitely bookmark the majority of Matheka’s feed. Remember, summer in Kenya starts in December and runs through March, so there’s no doubt he’ll have more incredible moments to share in the months to come. 

Mutua Matheka on The Folklore


Trevor Jerry

The self-taught photographer simply started this as a hobby on his mobile phone, but then quickly turned it into his full-time career. He has a special way of capturing the coast that makes you feel like you’re inside a helicopter. 

You won’t find aerial shots as unreal as his, especially the one where his crisp, white sneaks are dangling with a straight view of the beaches below. In short, he’s all about the views. 

Trevor, @the_mentalyst on The Folklore


Mahesh Acharya 

Mahesh Acharya will make you want to move to Kenya’s beach towns in no time. The Msambweni Beach House is the epitome of Swahili-style architecture and it’s the hot spot overlooking the Indian Ocean that’s featured all over Acharya’s Instagram. 

Acharya lets the landscapes speak for themselves and he doesn’t overcomplicate or overedit any of his photos. He champions clean lines and crisp images that give you a true sense of what the coast is like. 

Mahesh Acharya on The Folklore


Josh Kisamwa

Josh Kisamwa is a Kenyan documentary and filmmaker who prides himself in showcasing the natural gems of his home country. One impeccable view you won’t be able to get enough of his are his shots of Mombasa, Kenya where you can get an unparalleled perspective of the Indian ocean. 

Kisamwa’s photographs will make you feel as if you were right on the coast when he took these shots. We guarantee you’ll want to block off some time to experience his Instagram. 

 Josh Kisamwa on The Folklore

Sarah Waiswa

Sarah Waiswa is a Ugandan-born photographer who grew up in Kenya with internationally recognized spreads like her photographs from the Dior Cruise 2020 collection. Her contemporary approach sheds new light on the East African coast. 

Beyond Kenya, she also focuses on highlighting other neighboring countries including Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and so much more. You’ll certainly learn more about underrated corners of the continent just by clicking through her range of photos. 

Sarah Waiswa on The Folklore


Feature Photo, Courtesy of @petersize10
Words by Eman Alami