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7 African Wellness Influencers That Will Get You to See the World Differently


Life can get monotonous nowadays. Your standard social calendar has taken a backseat as the number of nights spent at home has skyrocketed. Beyond that, seeing friends in person has become a rarity. 

This is why it’s never been more urgent to take care of your mental health. In place of conventional remedies, wellness takes on many forms and these African influencers are leading with ways to better themselves. 

There are many stereotypes around the concept of wellness, but one common misconception is that it’s purely physical. People think it’s only about fitness goals and meal plans, yet these influencers show that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

A major part of wellness is making a conscious decision to lead a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle, and this decision must come from you alone. Some choose to take vitamins, while others prefer a regimen that includes 100 sit-ups. Whatever it may be, you have to find what’s best for you. Whether it be from the sunny beaches of Senegal or motivational content in Nigeria, the following Instagrams are the perfect place to find inspiration. 

Andrea Iyamah

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Andrea Iyamah is taking the world by storm. She's the founder of her own self-titled fashion brand and bridal company — which you can shop on The Folklore. As if that’s not keeping her busy enough, she also co-founded the Beach is Better Group. 

With five locations around the world, Beach is Better focuses on a beach-centric lifestyle and summery wellness experiences. The group gives tips to prep your body for the beach and offers ideas for fun activities to do by the ocean. Additionally, she has two other wellness projects in the works, so who knows what she'll drop next? 

Shop Andrea Iyamah at The Folklore


Lee Litumbe

Cameroon-born model and travel-fiend Lee Litumbe prioritizes a healthy lifestyle in the midst of her overloaded schedule. Litumbe has reached countries all over the world and her page offers great tips for many of the places we all dream about visiting one day. 

She also hosts women-only wellness retreats for those bold enough to throw themselves into a new culture. Moreover, Litumbe never stops providing tips and tricks from her personal health routine, from the daily supplements she takes to her skincare regimen.

Sometimes, she even extends herself by giving step-by-step recipes of healthy meals she’s prepared. All in all, Litumbe will mesmerize you for hours and you may even start making her celery smoothies on your own.

Lee Litumbe on The Folklore


Dr. Mariel Buquè

Dr. Mariel Buquè is the AfroLatina founder of Cultural Therapy with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. She hosts anti-racism workshops and is a specialist in intergenerational trauma. 

When you click over to her Instagram, she gives her followers a glimpse of her insight via pastel graphics that offer advice on how to deal with many of life’s emotional hardships.

Buquè uses her platform to freely share the knowledge she’s acquired over the years to improve the lives of those following her, which isn’t always the case for most experts. Overall, she believes in the liberation of our minds from oppressive systems as essential components of proper wellness.

Dr. Mariel Buquè on The Folklore



Juliet is a model based in Lagos, Nigeria who brings a new meaning to the word confident. The content creator’s bright smile lights up her page, while her captions are packed with motivational words everyone could use more of.

In the rare moments, she isn’t encouraging her followers, you can find her more intimate musings on her blog known as SheIsOge. For Juliet, it’s all about balance and she hopes to spread her glow to the world. 

Julie, SheIsOge, on The Folklore


Mohamet Mbaye

Senegambian model Mohamet Mbaye specializes in physical fitness training. He’s based in New York City, but also holds virtual sessions to reach those who may not be in the area. 

Aside from a successful modeling career, he manages his own fitness account, where he shares tips on getting your mind and body in shape. If you need a boost of exercise motivation, Mbaye has your back.

He’s also the CEO of Glow by Africa, which is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare company that he began in June. In short, he's certainly one to watch. 

Mohamet Mbaye on The Folklore



Flora is a Ghanian nurse by day diligently working amid the pandemic. She offers relatable personal tips that will instantly open your eyes to a skincare routine upgrade. Once you witness her flawless complexion, you’ll want to make note of all her recommendations.

Flora "flo" on The Folklore

Akosua Shirley

Ghanian traveler Akosua Shirley takes control of her destiny. She did a solo backpacking trip across her home country, where she was able to highlight the nation's stunning natural landscapes. 

Most people are often itching to get away from where they’re from, but instead, Shirley throws away that unhealthy mindset. She’s all about exploring the art of being exactly where you are. There are hidden gems all around you and taking cues from Shirley may just get you to see your world differently.

Akosua Shirley on The Folklore



Feature Photo, Courtesy of @spiritedpursuit
Words by Betsy Brossman