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Sounds Of The Month March ’21: What Team Folklore Is Listening To Right Now

Yes, after a few months away, Sounds of the Month is back with a bang. Ironically or serendipitously, our playlist of the songs we’re currently listening to returns in March, the same month last year where the world as we knew it changed in what seemed like overnight.

We’ve all gone through the motions and emotions that can only be brought on by a worldwide pandemic – burnout, grief, lethargy, anger, fear, restlessness and many others. But we’re sure that we’re not alone in acknowledging that one of the things that has seen us through, or still seeing us through this period is music.

Music is a universal remedy. It can transport us to a moment in time, evoking memories of a not-so-distant past when we could freely be in bars or clubs, dancing the night away. It can make us reflect when times get tough, or we get a little down and we need some motivation. It can also make us take us away and transport us to sunnier climes, as we dream of the day in the future, hopefully soon, we can explore the world again.

Speaking of sunny days, some of us at The Folklore have been listening to soca, the music of the Caribbean that just says “beach vibes.” Others have had the latest Afrobeats releases Made In Lagos and Twice As Tall by Wizkid and Burna Boy, respectively, on repeat while some of us have been blasting, well, blasts from the past and throwback hip-hop and R&B hits from the 1990s and 2000s – the best era, if you ask us.

Now, as you can probably tell from our stylish offerings in men’s apparel, womenswear, accessories and homeware, we here at The Folklore believe we’ve got impeccable taste that also extends to music, so we’re more than happy to share our playlist of what we’re listening to this month. Take a listen below now.

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Image courtesy of Spotify