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Upgrade Your Dining Table with Elegant Serving Platters by Studio Badge


We’ve all been mostly confined to our homes for a year, and looking at the same four walls the whole time. In this new normal when your bedroom may be your home office, or your dining table now doubles up as your work station, it’s safe to say that we could all do with a small change of scenery. The easiest way to do that right now is to make some small but delightful edits to your living space, whether it’s some freshly cut flowers to brighten up your living room or getting that air fryer you’ve been hearing so much about.

The kitchen is probably the one room in the house that has seen the most action over the past year. With many restaurants closed and being unable to eat out as much, we’ve all been cooking and baking at home more than usual. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have restaurant-worthy plates at home; you can turn your delicious meals and snacks into fine dining-style dishes thanks to Studio Badge’s signature handcrafted wooden food platters.

Studio Badge is a lifestyle brand that makes aesthetically pleasing objects and stylish tableware for the home. Its bestselling food platters are just the thing to take your table setting to the next level, and will make your food look just as good as it tastes. Perfect for serving up fresh fruit or mini cheeses, these food platters will bring some elegance to your dining table.

Studio Badge food platter

A proudly African enterprise, Studio Badge’s products are all made in Accra in Ghana, and are handcrafted by skilled local artisans who use Ghanaian hardwood and concrete and other locally sourced materials. Each serving board is produced in small batches, which means that no two platters are the same; the many variations in color, shading, texture, shape and grain also mean that you are getting a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Celebrating African creativity is at the heart of Studio Badge’s ethos and designs. The brand aims to change the perception of what “made in Africa” means as it brings the expertise of Ghanaian craftsmen to the global forefront, and is committed to proving that Africans can and will build top design manufacturing brands that can stand tall among international peers.

Studio Badge Aitch Food Platter    Studio Badge Aitch serving platter

Architecture is a huge influence on the brand’s designs, evident in the geometric shapes that the circular and rectangular platters are rendered in, and the materials used, including timber, teak wood and concrete. A modern aesthetic runs through the products, from the striking colors of the serving boards to the distinctly rough surfaces. The natural hues of the boards will fit right in with any décor, from a contemporary dining room to a traditional kitchen. 

The signature Aitch platter is a rectangular board that’s a stunning mix of wood and concrete and is available in both regular and mini sizes, perfect for when you’re serving a house full of guests or just a party of one.

The crescent-shaped Afriyie board features a smooth round design made out of teak wood and concrete, and it comes in different sizes and colors, from striking blue to clean white.

Whether you’re creating an amazing food spread to impress your guests or just laying out your snacks for movie nights at home, the Studio Badge serving platters will effortlessly add a sophisticated touch to your table setting.

Studio Badge Afriyie Board

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Images courtesy of Studio Badge