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The Edit: 7 Pieces of Statement Jewelry That Every Accessories Collection Needs


Jewelry can be so many things. A simple accessory for a night out, or an heirloom passed down through many generations; a protective gemstone to see you home at night, or a fun conversation starter at a dinner party. With so many variations and styles of jewelry to choose from, building your collection can be overwhelming.

But there are several staple pieces of jewelry that every well-stocked accessories collection must have, from classic hoop earrings and a bracelet that goes with everything, to a show-stopping necklace and statement cocktail ring.

Here, we’ve rounded up seven pieces of jewelry from African and Black-owned brands who have put their own spins on classic pieces that are an absolute must-have in any stylish jewelry collection.


Bow Earrings by SOKO 

The Bow Earrings by Soko

Shop the Bow Earrings by SOKO

Delicate gold earrings are a must have for any and every occasion. The Bow Earrings by Kenyan jewelry brand SOKO offer a lovely gold frame for your face whether it’s to a business meeting or a dinner party. The beautiful arc design highlights the simple lines and details that make these earrings so unique. Understated but never under-appreciated, these 24k gold-plated brass earrings are subtle but stunning. Inspired by female empowerment and classic elegance, SOKO designed these earrings to create evolved classic looks and beauty without compromise.

Tortoiseshell Akua Earrings by Chalk Jewelry 

Tortoiseshell Akua earrings by Chalk Jewellery

Shop the Tortoiseshell Akua Earrings by Chalk Jewellery

Just because most jewelry is metal, doesn’t mean it can’t also add a pop of color to your look. The Tortoiseshell Akua Earrings by London-based brand Chalk Jewellery are the perfect and colorful addition to your wardrobe. These earrings offer a chunky, dynamic look, without weighing down your ears. Made out of Formica and brass, with sterling silver posts, these lightweight marble styled earrings will have you feel as powerful as a marbled work of art. Inspired by large cityscapes, Chalk Jewellery makes unique, geometric, and comfortable earrings for everyone to find their unique self-expression.

Marcy Link Necklace by Third Crown 

Marcy Link Necklace by Third Crown

Shop the Marcy Link Necklace by Third Crown

A chain necklace? Or a choker? With the Marcy Link Necklace by New York-based Black-owned accessories brand Third Crown, you do not have to choose. This gorgeous 18k gold-plated brass necklace combines two necklace staple items that every jewelry collection would be incomplete without. The 17inch chain is made in the brand’s signature arc beveled shape, and needs no companion to make it shine. Wear it as a statement piece all on its own, particularly with low-neck or strapless tops and dresses. The striking chain demonstrates Third Crown’s fascination with combining architecture with jewelry to create beautiful and unique designs.

Jade Cornucopia Earrings by Pichulik 

Jade Cornucopia Earrings by Pichulik

Shop the Jade Cornucopia Earrings by Pichulik

Statement earrings are a must in every jewelry collection, and nothing makes more of a statement than these beautiful gold, thread, and jade earrings modeled after the famed Horn of Plenty in Greek mythology. These gorgeous statement earrings feature a two-in-one option with small gold hoops that can be detached from the rope and jade bangles to serve as sophisticated small earrings in their own right – small gold hoops are also a must-have for any jewelry collector. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, Pichulik creates jewelry to serve as conduits for healing, community, and wisdom, demonstrated in the protective properties of the jade stone in this particular pair.

Uzi Cuff by SOKO 

Uzi Cuff by Soko

Shop the Uzi Cuff by SOKO

A simple gold bracelet is a staple in all wardrobes, and the Uzi Cuff by SOKO offers a vintage-inspired touch of elegance to your wrist. The 24k gold-plated brass bracelet showcases stunning twisted detailing, and can be layered with other bracelets or worn all on its own. Try styling with the brand’s Twisted Dash Ring or the matching Uzi Hoop Earrings, featuring the same twisted design. SOKO is a women-led, people first ethical jewelry brand that connects artisans in Kenya with the global market.

The Art of Folding Earrings by LORNE 

The Art of Folding Earrings by Lorne

Shop the Art of Folding Earrings by LORNE

Sometimes bold, dangling earrings don’t work with your necklace, or aren’t feasible to leave in throughout the day. But the Art of Folding Earrings by South African brand LORNE, will leave nothing to be desired as you wear them from mornings in the office into evenings out with your friends. These earrings, inspired by origami and how it plays with shape, will bring an artful accent to your look alone, or pair perfectly with statement necklaces. They demonstrate LORNE’s mantra of finding beauty in imperfections, and creating unrepeatable, minimalist designs that reflect upon the unplanned twists and bends in life.

Arc Ring by Third Crown

Prizm Drop Earrings and Arc Ring by Third CrownShop the Arc Ring by Third Crown

Take a little bit of Paris everywhere you go with this eye-catching statement ring inspired by the French architectural monument, the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc ring, by Third Crown, will leave all cocktail rings lacking as its unique beveled design creates a mood that is restrained, but full of attitude. Made out of brass and plated in 18k gold, this ring can be complemented by the brand’s matching Prizm Drop Earrings. The husband-and-wife duo behind Third Crown expertly create understated chic out of clean and simple lines.


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Words by Eloise Johnson