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Andrea Iyamah’s Spring/Summer 2022 Debuts on the Shores of Lagos


Away from the standard Lagos Fashion Week location of the Federal Palace Hotel and on a sandy beach at sunset, Nigerian ready-to-wear womenswear label Andrea Iyamah stood apart from the rest as it presented the “To Heal and to Thrive” collection for spring/summer 2022 to a carefully selected number of guests. The runway was a specially created circular platform set adjacent to a large curved wall right on the beach. 

This precise attention to detail is also present in the clothes on display. Colorful swimwear, two-piece separates and flowing dresses are complemented with cut-out designs and oversized sleeves as well as the brand’s signature ruching and knot details. The billowing silhouettes of the long-line dresses evoked the attire of Grecian goddesses, while plunging necklines and bare midriffs celebrated the female form. As usual, the collection is inspired by nature, this time by mushrooms and the eucalyptus tree, while the color palette is resolutely earthy and jewel toned.

The theme of rebirth and renewal is very much deliberate given the events of recent years. But it also nods to an optimism of what the future holds and the role of fashion in helping to shape life’s circumstances. According to the brand, “the collection seeks to embrace the journey to a triumph. Life post-2020 is something no one could accurately predict as it was the year of the ‘unprecedented’. We did not know what would become of a world post-pandemic so we stopped trying to predict the future and instead, we focused on healing and the ability to thrive in new conditions. This season we explored design inspired by nature’s representation of healing and survival.”

View runway images from Andrea Iyamah’s Spring/Summer 2022 Lagos Fashion Week show below and shop select styles from Andrea Iyamah here.





Photographs courtesy of Andrea Iyamah